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I am a freelance journalist living in La Paz, Bolivia, and working in the Andean region. I report on a broad range of topics with an emphasis on social justice, the environment and politics.

Recent work:

 Bolivia: Combating Violence Against Women– Deutsche Welle

March 5 2015. More than half of Bolivian women aged 15 to 49 have experienced intimate partner violence. Now the Bolivian government is beginning to implement reforms under a new law designed to protect women, prevent violence and punish attackers. 

In Bolivian Prisons, Blood is Thicker than Bars– Al Jazeera America

Jan. 12 2015. Families, including children, live together in some Bolivian prisons. What does this struggle to stay together mean emotionally and financially for the people involved?

Building Women’s Independent to Curb Domestic Violence– The Guardian

Jan. 8 2015. Legal aid plus a push for economic self-sufficiency at one innovative shelter in Bolivia are helping tackle rampant gender-based violence.





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